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Company News About The difference between acrylic board and PC board
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The difference between acrylic board and PC board

Latest company news about The difference between acrylic board and PC board

With the popularity of acrylic, many people are not particularly clear about the difference between PC board and acrylic board in their daily lives. So today, the editor will briefly introduce the differences between acrylic and PC boards to everyone.


1. Materials

The basic raw materials of acrylic sheets and PC sheets are different. Acrylic is formed by polymerizing methyl methacrylate monomers (MMA) of acrylic acid. PC sheets are primarily composed of polycarbonate and are produced using co-extrusion technology.


2. Appearance

Both acrylic panels and PC panels have good light transmittance. The light transmittance of acrylic panels is above 92%, and the light transmittance of PC panels can reach up to 89%. It is difficult to distinguish them based on this facto.


3. Combustion

According to the standard GB 50222-95 of my home, PC boards cannot burn when exposed to fire. Their self-ignition point is 580℃, and they will self-extinguish after being removed from the fire. Therefore, no toxic gases will be produced during combustion, and it will not promote the spread of fire. When acrylic burns, the flame is clear, without smoke or bubbles, and the filament can be pulled out when extinguishing. When casting boards burn, there is no smoke, no bubbles, and no sizzling sound, and there is no filament when extinguishing.


4. Impact resistance

PC boards have good impact resistance and are not easy to break when dropped. The impact resistance of PC boards is 8 to 10 times that of acrylic boards.


5.K UV

The kang ultraviolet capacity on the surface of the pc is 5 times that of outdoor acrylic acid. Generally, the service life of acrylic board can reach 2 years without yellowing, and PC board can reach 10 years.


6. Price

Compared with acrylic board, PC board is more expensive than acrylic board. For example, the price of 3MM thick PC board per square meter is about 195 yuan; The price of 5MM thick acrylic plate in the same area is about 265 yuan. Acrylic plates and acrylic lenses are widely used in TV displays, lighting, crafts, exhibition and exhibition, transportation facilities, advertising, furniture and other fields. Acrylic plate manufacturer price, acrylic plate latest quotation table needs to contact our manufacturer, want to know more about acrylic or mirror panel related information, please pay attention to our official website or telephone consultation.