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Company News About How to choose acrylic sheets: Chongqing Niu Bai Acrylic teaches you the right way to select acrylic?
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How to choose acrylic sheets: Chongqing Niu Bai Acrylic teaches you the right way to select acrylic?

Latest company news about How to choose acrylic sheets: Chongqing Niu Bai  Acrylic teaches you the right way to select acrylic?

With various prices in the market, it's common to have doubts. The appearance of transparent acrylic sheets is similar, so how to choose? In response to this question, I will introduce some tips for purchasing transparent acrylic sheets, helping you buy high-quality ones.


1. Recognize through light transmittance: Good acrylic sheets emit pure light when illuminated by a phone flashlight. They do not turn yellow or blue. High-quality sheets have higher light transmittance.


2. Consider the color of the edges: The edges of excellent transparent acrylic sheets should be transparent. If they turn yellow, hazy, or white, they are definitely substandard or made from recycled materials.


3. Identify through soft rubber edges: To prevent collisions, new and good materials are packaged with soft rubber edges. Therefore, this can be used to distinguish between recycled materials and new materials. However, poured boards themselves may have PVC edges. Pay attention to the interface between PVC and acrylic. If it is obviously too yellow or white, it is also recycled decomposed material.


4. Feel the surface: If the surface of the acrylic sheet is smooth, round, delicate, and feels good, it is less likely to leave fingerprints. This indicates good quality.


5. Inspect the appearance: Good acrylic sheets have a beautiful appearance, good light transmittance, and no blemishes or few crystal points. They also do not have any adverse phenomena like yellowing or shrinking. On the contrary, poor quality materials are produced from recycled materials, and their appearance is poor with many blemishes, crystal points, and impurities. The quality cannot be guaranteed.


6. Identify through sound: If the surface of the acrylic sheet produces an unclear and dull sound when tapped, it is genuine. On the other hand, if the tapping sound is clear, it should be a PS board rather than an acrylic sheet. Also, pay attention to the fact that there are many claims of domestically produced acrylic sheets in the market, which are relatively cheap. They are most likely PS boards pretending to be acrylic sheets.


7. Check by burning: If there is a blue flame when burning, it confirms that it is acrylic, an acrylic sheet. If it produces black smoke, then it is a PS board or substandard material. After burning, press the burned area with a hard object and then move away. If there is drawing, it is extruded acrylic sheet. If there is no drawing at all, it is a poured board, which is the best way to differentiate.


The above are good methods for purchasing high-quality transparent acrylic sheets. When choosing transparent acrylic sheets, you can distinguish their quality through the above methods.


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